EPP Yoga Foam Roller Fitness Portable Pilates Body Exercises Gym for Leg/Arm/Back/Feet Pain Self-Myofascial Treatment Tool

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Color: 15x45cm

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Product Description:
1. Product code: EPP Yoga Column / Yoga Shaft / Foam Shaft
2. Product color: Black
3. Material: EPP

4. Material advantages: lightweight, high hardness 
5. Product name: Solid Deep Massage Effect EPP Material Foam Roller Yoga Column Shaft Fitness Bar
Prevent Muscle Injury:  Perfect for positioning, balance, postural and muscle re-education, spinal stabilization, body awareness and coordination, ranging and strengthening activities.
Foam Rollers For Muscle: Ativafit High Density Foam Roller helps you to relax your muscles before or after Exercise, Yoga, and Massage Therapy and helps to relieve muscle tension and increase Muscle Reflexology.


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