Wireless Microphone Headset UHF Wireless Mic Headset and Handheld 2 in1 160 ft Range for Voice Amplifier, Stage Speakers, Teach

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---Not Support Android & IOS phone,Macbook,Laptop

---The microphone doesn't have Bluetooth capability, and can't connect by Bluetooth, but it can work if your Bluetooth speaker has ''MIC'' input jack.

---Not support Aux or digital audio system

What do to do when the sound is not loud?

  • Press the volume''+'' button on the transmitter, and also adjust the volume of the amplifier device.

  • Make the distance between the microphone and the mouth closer, and the microphone is pointed in the direction of the mouth.


Built-in High Sensitivity Condenser Microphone,360 ° pick up your sounds, No Direction Limitation.

2 In 1 UHF Wireless Headset Microphone,easily change the handheld mode to headset mode to meet your needs.

Dual USB Cable and Free Converter

Dual usb charging cable can charging receiver and transmitter together.

3.5mm to 6.35mm converter is include on package,it's can adapt to more loudspeakers.


1 x Wireless Headset Microphone

1 x Receiver

1 x Dual usb Charging Cables

1 x 3.5 to 6.5mm converter

1 x user Manual

  1. Turn off the receiver and transmitter

  2. Turn on the transmitter, blue light is on, long press "+ " to blue light flash

  3. Turn on the receiver and wait for the connection

  4. The blue lights of the transmitter and receiver stop flashing,means connection is successful.

  • All of our product with one year service. ,hope you can contact seller firstly if any problem.You will get a satisfactory solution.


Reset way:

  1. Firstly. turn off the transmitter and receiver.

  2. Secondly, press the volume''+'' button of the transmitter and don't lose, turn on the switch at the same time, the blue light will blink several times,

  3. Finally, lose the volume''+'' button, reset finished.

  4. Turn on the transmitter and receiver and see whether is working normally.


If you have any questions, welcome to contact us anytime, and we will give a satisfactory solution for you as soon as possible.


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