Two-Player Balloon Bamboo Game Man Battle Wooden Fencing Toy Win by Popping Wooden Sword Balloon For Happy with Friend or Family

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Color: Only Balloon 50pcs

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Instruction manual * 1

Wooden Man * 1 (only purchasing balloons does not include instructions and balloons)

Inflator* 1(Only if you purchase a wooden man + 100 balloons or a wooden man + 150 balloons, you will get the air pump for free)

🎈🤺Versatile Gameplay:

An innovative, fast-paced wooden robot combat game designed for two players. Players can DIY expressions on the balloons, adding a creative touch to the battle. Ideal for playing with friends and family.

🎈🤺Exceptional Durability:

Crafted from solid wood materials and connected with red strings, this product is damage-resistant and highly durable. Each puppet is meticulously crafted, featuring a robust structure that allows the puppets to withstand vigorous play, ensuring a prolonged and enjoyable gaming experience.


Material: Pine
Size: Wooden man thickness: 5mm
Chassis size: 30*10*1.5cm
Aircraft box size: 41*11*6cm


We recommend purchasing multiple balloon combinations. Whether you're planning a big event, a lively party, or simply want to engage in friendly balloon battles, having a variety of balloons will elevate the experience. Create your own unique battles and enjoy the thrill of balloon warfare with our diverse balloon sets


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