Summer Kids Sandals Hole Children's Shoes Slippers Soft Anti-Skid Cartoon DIY Design Hole Baby Shoes Sandy Beach For Boys Girls

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Shoe Size: 18 (insole 12cm)

18 (insole 12cm)
20 (insole 13cm)
22 (insole 14cm)
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Item Name: Summer soft and anti-slip cartoon DIY design children's shoes
Material: EVA plastic
Soft and wear-resisting
The main material of our slippers is EVA
EVA sandals have good elasticity and cushioning performance, which can effectively reduce the impact on joints during human movement.
EVA sandals have excellent wear resistance, can withstand long-term use and friction, and are not easily damaged.
EVA sandals have excellent chemical corrosion resistance and can prevent chemical corrosion.
EVA sandals have excellent waterproof performance.
Soft: Made of high-quality soft rubber sole and breathable mesh upper, compatible and durable
Suitable for summer
Good material
Comfortable to wear
Good resilience
Do not rub your feet


SIZE TABLE:   Foot length+1cm=Insole length

18 Size = Insole/Inner length 12cm = Fit foot length(Heel to toe) 11cm,
19 Size = Insole/Inner length 12.5cm = Fit foot length(Heel to toe) 11.5cm,
20 Size = Insole/Inner length 13cm = Fit foot length(Heel to toe) 12cm,
21 Size = Insole/Inner length 13.5cm = Fit foot length(Heel to toe) 12.5cm,
22 Size = Insole/Inner length 14cm = Fit foot length(Heel to toe) 13cm,
23 Size = Insole/Inner length 14.5cm = Fit foot length(Heel to toe) 13.5cm,
24 Size = Insole/Inner length 15cm = Fit foot length(Heel to toe) 14cm,
25 Size = Insole/Inner length 15.5cm = Fit foot length(Heel to toe) 14.5cm,
26 Size = Insole/Inner length 16cm = Fit foot length(Heel to toe) 15cm,
27 Size = Insole/Inner length 16.5cm = Fit foot length(Heel to toe) 15.5cm,
28 Size = Insole/Inner length 17cm = Fit foot length(Heel to toe) 16cm,
29 Size = Insole/Inner length 17.5cm = Fit foot length(Heel to toe) 16.5cm,

How to choose the right size?

1. Measure your kids foot length as the photo.
Inner / Insole length=Foot length (Heel to toe)+1cm, please measure
your baby's foot length before choose, if foot length is 14cm, you
should choose insole length 15cm, just to say choose size 24. If foot is
a little fat , please choose a bigger size.
3. If you do not know how to choose size,please contact us,we will help you .
4 .We do wholesale and drop shipping as well ,and sell cheap brand shoes.

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