Flexible Door Gap Bottom Seam Sealing Bathroom Door Seal Sound Proof Dust Strip Waterproof Guard Sealer Stopper Double Stick

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Size:94cm long,

Width: 35mm

Material: PE Foam

Color: Brown, white, black, grey


1. Uses: soundproof seal, anti-collision strip, fixed seal, weatherproof seal, dustproof seal; insect-proof


2. Powerful waterproof adhesive, strong adhesive, deep waterproof, transparent adhesive adheres to the bottom of the door, which is particularly beautiful; the glue is strengthened, and the use time and life are increased at the same time


3. Strengthen the soundproof cavity, and enhance the sound insulation effect, and the reinforced design is more durable


4. Effectively block the hot and cold air from each other


5. Can be applied to bedroom doors, security doors, bathroom doors, sliding doors


installation method:

1. The door bottom strip and the door width are neatly aligned and cut;

2. Wipe the position behind the door;

3. Remove the adhesive backing paper and prepare to stick it;

4. When pasting, pay attention to the contact between the sealing film and the bottom of the door, and stick the effect


Package includes:

1pcs x Door bottom seal



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