SmarDeer Fingerprint Lock for Tuya Smart Lock with Bluetooth Door Lock Keyless Entry with Fingerprint and Tuya App

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Why do you need a smart lock?

Will you forget to bring the key or lose it? When you are not at home, your friends do not visit, and you are worried about your home being stolen while you are away. All these smart locks will solve you. You can remotely authorize the unlocking password to unlock the lock through the Tuya APP, and record every unlocking record for you. Combined with other Tuya smart products, you will enjoy a smarter and safer life.

Product Features

- Support multiple unlocking methods of biometric fingerprint, mechanical key, and mobile phone.

- Bluetooth link for remote unlocking via the Tuya app.

- Automatically lock, no need to worry about forgetting to lock the door.

- Ball-type door locks can directly replace old door locks without drilling.

- Compatible with left and right door opening directions

Product Parameter

- Panel material: Aluminum alloy

- Application type: Tuya / Smartlife

- Connection method: Bluetooth

- Unlocking method: Fingerprint, key, App

- Fingerprint capacity: 20

- Mechanical key: 2

- Lock core level: B

- Alarm type: Low battery alarm

- Emergency power supply: Type-C

- Power supply: Li-On rechargeable

- Usage time: 8-12 months

- Working temperature: -20 to +50°C

- Working humidity: 40% to 85% (No condensation)

- Packing size:  L57*W25*H85mm

- Adapt to door thickness:  35-55mm


SmarDeer Fingerprint lock for Tuya Bluetooth smart lock Keyless entry Biometric Fingerprint Type-C and mechanical key unlockThe digital electronic lock has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery. The battery life can reach 8-12 months.The electronic door lock supports Tuya / Smartlife application management and control of the door lock, which can be remotely unlocked through the App, authorize the temporary unlock password, and view the unlock record.You can manage smart door locks through the Tuya App, and close up you can manage door locks and unlocking through Bluetooth. Remote unlocking and management require a connection to the smart gateway.The spherical fingerprint lock has a built-in biometric fingerprint sensor, which has fast recognition speed and high recognition degree. Support 20 fingerprint IDs to unlockTuya smart fingerprint lock supports mechanical key unlocking (old-fashioned unlocking method), and can be unlocked with a key when the door lock is out of powerIntelligent locks in the pattern,You can open the door without fingerprint verification,Old -style door lock opening methodThe door lock supports three locking modes: access mode, normal mode, and safety lock mode.You only need to lightly rotate the door lock knob to change the locking mode.The electronic lock will automatically lock after you close the door, so you no longer have to worry about forgetting to lock the door.The fingerprint door lock has a built-in Type-C emergency power charging port. When the door lock is out of power, you can provide power to unlock the door lock through the power bank.Door lock configuration 60-70mm adjustable Single Latch. Helps you easily replace old locks without drilling holes.Fingerprint locks are used for doors with a thickness of 35-55mm, if your door thickness is greater than 55mm, please contact us.

Door locks are suitable for various wooden doors in hotels, apartments, and homes

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