Winter Heated Socks Rechargeable Heating Socks for USB 5000mah Heated Socks Warmth Outdoor Heated Boots Snowmobile Winter Ski

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Color: With Case BK S1

With Case BK S1
With Case GY S1
With Case BK S2
With Case GY S2
(3.7V)4000mAh GY S2
(3.7V)4000mAh BK S1
(3.7V)4000mAh GY S1
(3.7V)4000mAh BK S2
(5V)5000mAh BK S1
(5V)5000mAh GY S1
(5V)5000mAh BK S2
(5V)5000mAh GY S2
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1. 100% brand new and high quality
2. Electric socks, cotton material, breathable, brisk drying, versatile thickened, electric modules utilizing slender, delicate
3. Electric Heated Socks For Chronically Cold Feet
4. Incredible for chasing, ice angling, climbing, and brandishing occasions. Won't stun, notwithstanding when wet!
5. Cushioned strengthened rear area and toe, and recessed warming component enables concentration to warm in the toe to shield your feet from getting cool
6. it heats under the power bank USB connecting, so please keep charging while wearing it.
7. Can washed on water by hand or machine

1. Material: Polyester
2. Size: one size

3. Material: Polyester
4. Color:black, yellow, gray
5. The temperature control switch can be adjusted in three steps temperature, temperature range of 40-65℃

>The battery is a lithium battery,
Capacity 5000mAh* waterproof interface
(Remove the battery when washing with water)
Prevent from being squeezed and deformed,
Potential safety hazards such as leakage;
>Long press the switch for three seconds to turn on/off, equipped with a USB charging data cable;

Package Included:
2 * Heated Socks
2 * lithium batteries or battery case
1 * charging line


 1. Customers need to supply batteries, it is recommended to buy rechargeable 5th battery so that the heat lasts longer

2. The battery box is specially designed for the circuit board, which contains three integrated circuits, the physical characteristics of the battery,

 the intelligent energy-saving cycle, the use of electricity, and the safety control by the independent integrated circuit.

The world's most secure, removable heating socks!

3. Smart battery box function. After the battery is installed, turn the switch on. Automatic fever, 8 minutes.
Close for one minute. Work for two minutes. Close for one minute and work for two minutes. . . . .
Automatic looping. No manual operation required
When the battery box is on, it will work and heat up.
When the light is off, the heat is stopped (1 set of products requires 6 batteries of 5th, and the customer owns 5th batte



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