Electric Polishing Nail Clipper with Light Automatic Nail Trimmer Rechargeable Nail Grinding Manicure Care Tool for Baby Adult

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Intelligent Automatic Electric Nail Clipper Multifunctional Nail Grinder for Children and Adult Nail Trimmer Nail Trimming Nail Polishing USB Charging



1. Multifunctional electric nail scissors, trim nails + polish nails + polish nails, allowing you to easily harvest beautiful nails.

2. The auxiliary light helps you trim nails safely in dimly lit places without damaging them.

3. One-button operation, two-speed adjustment, convenient and comfortable to use, adults and children can use it with confidence.

4. The compact electric nail clipper is easy to store and carry, allowing you to trim nails anytime, anywhere, whether on the go, traveling or at home.



Material: ABS body, alloy cutter head imported from Germany, nano-glass polished nail polish

color: White

Rated input: 5V=0.3A

Power: 4W

Product size: 85*68*30mm



1. Trim, with the product facing upwards, put your finger on the finger position, insert the nail into the hole, and turn the finger left and right to complete the round cutting.

2. Nail grinding: the nail is perpendicular to the nail head, gently polish the nail tip and turn the finger left and right to complete the round polishing.

3. Bright nail: The nail is parallel to the bright nail head, gently polish the nail surface, and move the finger slowly to complete the round polish.

4. Cleaning: Press the mark on the upper side of the debris storage compartment cover to pour out the nail debris.


Packing List:

1* White Host

1* Type-C Charging Cable

1* Cleaning Brush

1* English User Manual

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