Knife Sharpener Angle Adjustable 4 Stages Scissors Sharpening stone Professional Kitchen Grinder knives Tool

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Professional knife sharpener in-built Angle adjustment button

Angle adjustment button from 14 to 24 degrees, so that you can set the correct blade angle to sharpen knives of different sizes, thicknesses, and edges to their proper edge.

4-in-1 grade knife sharpener kit:

Works on All Knives and Scissors, sharpening straight knives, hunting knives and pocket knives, fillet knives: butcher knives, chef knives, meat cleavers, pruning shears, fishing knife of all size.

Blade sharpener Easy to use

Quick, safe, and fits all hands right or left-handed with an ergonomic handle; slip-resistant rubber bottom means your sharpener stays in place during use

This best knife sharpener is made of ceramic, diamond,

and high-quality ABS plastic. It’s strong, durable, and designed to last a lifetime. kept your hand safe when sharpening.


how to use

1.  Place the blunt knife into the grinding groove at an perpendicular angle to the sharpener

2.  Use a little power to press down and pull back about 5 times


1-(Diamond Abrasives) For scissors
2-Coarse (Carbide Blades) For blunt knives
3-Crude (Diamond Abrasives) For daily use
4-Fine (Creaminc Rods)For knives that need polishing

Please adjust to the right angle before use

Fillet knives=16°
Kitchen knives=20°
Pocket knives=20°
Hunting knives=22°

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