Philips HID D1S D2S D2R D3S D4S 35W Xenon Standard 4200K Auto Original Headlight Car Genuine Bulb Replacement

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Socket Type: D1S

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Philips HID D1S D2S D2R D3S D4S 35W Xenon Standard 4200K Auto Original Headlight Car Genuine Bulb Replacement Upgrade, 1pcs

If the time has come to replace your xenon HID bulbs, we highly recommend the Philips Xenon Standard range. This Philips Xenon Standard bulb provides an ideal standard replacement, matching the color temperature of the unchanged bulb, and it’s economical too.

We always advise changing both bulbs at the same time - if one bulb has failed, it's likely the second bulb will fail shortly after. Due to the high voltages involved, a qualified mechanic or auto-electrician should replace the lamp. To save money it’s advisable to change both bulbs together. Why not add two Philips Xenon Standard bulbs to your basket today?

We only supply genuine Philips xenon HID bulbs.

Product Feature

-Bulbs should always be replaced in pairs. This bulb is sold individually
-With normal usage, a HID bulb will last for 5 years
-An ideal standard replacement bulb
-Due to the high voltages involved, a qualified mechanic or auto-electrician should replace the lamp
-This bulb has been produced by Philips in Germany to the same high standard as your vehicle manufacturer insists on
-Original Equipment Quality
-Matches the color temperature of the unchanged lamp


-Number of Bulb:1
-Fitting:D1S, D2S, D2R, D3S, D4S
-Bulb Type: Standard
-Road Legal: Yes
-Technology: Xenon
-Kelvin Rating:4300K
-Wattage: 35W
-Voltage: 12V
-Base: D1S(PK32d-2), D2S(P32d-2), D2R(P32d-3), D3S(PK32d-5), D4S(P32d-5)
-Range:Xenon Standard
-SKU:D1S-85415C1, D2S-85122C1, D2R-85126C1, D3S-42403C1, D4S-42402C1
-Condition: New
-Warranty: 3 years
-Made in: Germany

Standard xenon lamp is the original quality replacement option

-Philips standard xenon lamps provide the original quality performance of new cars. The quality of the bulb is recognized by all major car manufacturers.

Meet the high-quality standards of ECE certification

-Philips Automotive specializes in producing excellent products and providing excellent services for the original equipment manufacturer market and aftermarket. Our products are made of high-quality materials and tested by high specifications to provide customers with ultra-high safety and driving comfort. Our entire production is meticulously tested, controlled, and certified (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and QSO 9000) and meets ECE requirements.

Philips car lights are made of high-quality quartz glass

-Ultraviolet quartz glass is stronger than hard glass, highly resistant to extreme temperatures, and highly shock-resistant, which eliminates the risk of bursting. Philips quartz glass lamps (filament 2650ºC, glass 800ºC) can withstand severe thermal shock. As the pressure inside the lamp increases, the ultraviolet quartz glass can produce stronger light.

Philips car lights are highly UV-resistant

-Philips's special anti-ultraviolet coating technology can protect the headlights from harmful ultraviolet radiation, which makes Philips UV-coated quartz glass very suitable for all driving conditions and guarantees the service life of the headlights

Award-winning car light manufacturer

-Our car lights are often praised by car experts.

The strong light emitted by the Xenon HID bulb brings strong safety

-Xenon HID (High-Intensity Discharge) lamp provides twice the brightness*, making driving in any situation safer. The high-intensity white light produced by Xenon HID xenon car lights is comparable to daylight. Studies have shown that xenon car lights can help drivers focus on the road, and can identify obstacles and road signs faster than traditional car lights. * Compared with ordinary halogen lights

Philips is the choice of major automakers.

-In the past 100 years, Philips' technological innovation has been leading the automotive lighting market and promoting the continuous transformation and development of industry technology. Currently, one out of every two cars in Europe and one out of every three cars in the world uses Philips automotive lighting solutions.

Philips car lights are highly resistant to humidity

-When the bulb is on, only the bulb made of quartz glass (filament 2650°C, glass 800°C) can resist thermal shock: for example, if a drop of cold water touches a hot bulb, when you drive by with a broken headlight device This can happen in ponds.


-1 Piece Genuine Philips Bulbs with Retail Box

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