New Portable Mini Iron Heat Press Machine Short Sleeve DIY Label Hot Stamping Machine T-Shirt Printing Easy Heating Transfe

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• Portable and Mini: Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry around and use on the go.


• Short Sleeve DIY Label Hot Stamping Machine: Create custom t-shirts and labels with ease using this hot stamping machine.


• Easy to Use: Three-gear selection makes it simple to adjust the temperature and pressure for optimal results.


• High Power and Voltage: With 200w of power and 220V voltage, this iron can handle even the toughest fabrics.



It's suitable for transferring photos or text on clothing, hats, handbags mouse pads, tote bags, pillowcases, garments like baby bodysuits, and more! The small shirt press machine is ergonomically designed to hold with a comfortable grab handle and is used easily.

Heating Transfer Press Iron Machines are very small and easy to carry. Comes with a water spray bottle and a small canvas bag. You can pack up any small tools you need, and use stickers that come with the package to design your canvas bag as well.

This mini heat press suits craft enthusiasts, students, and housewives. It's a great present for your friends, family who love DIY, or just a hobbyist.

Instructions for use:

1. Turn on the power, press, and hold for 5 seconds to start the machine. The red light will start heating, and the green light will light up to reach the preset temperature;

2. Set temperature:

Heating time of the highest temperature range

140 ℃/284 ℉ L after startup → L gear, approximately 90 seconds

160 ℃/320 ℉ M L gear → M gear, approximately 30 seconds

190 ℃/374 ℉ H m gear → H Gear, approximately 20 seconds

Attention: Different materials use different temperature ranges!

3. Place the item on the platform, and it is recommended to place a cushion below, ensuring flatness in the corresponding position;

4. Place the pattern on the item and press for about 25 seconds to complete the pattern transfer;

5. The mini hot press will automatically shut down for 10 minutes when not in use



Color: Pink, Green (Optional)

Input: 220V

Power: 150W

Heat Plate Size: 10.3 x 2.6cm/4.1 x 1in

Press Material: Cloth, Fabric, Cotton, Polyester, Synthetic Fabrics, Leather and so on

Package Weight: 710g/25oz

Package Size: 16.2x15.2x9.4cm/6.4x6 x 3.7in


Packing List:

1 x Heat Machine

1 x Spray Bottle

1 x canvas bag

5 x Stickers

Electric shock hazard. Do not open, modify, or otherwise tamper with the machine.

As a safety feature, the machine has polarized plugs (one blade is wider than the other) that can only be inserted into your socket in one way. If it seems unsuitable for any method, please do not force it and contact a qualified electrician.

Before inserting or unplugging the power socket, turn off the machine and do not pull the power cord to disconnect the machine from the power socket; Instead, grab the plug and pull it to disconnect the machine.

Before cleaning the machine, please unplug the power and completely cool down. Only use a soft cloth dipped in glass cleaner or water for cleaning.

Do not use flammable liquids or solvents, such as acetone or nail polish remover.

Do not immerse in water or use in damp environments.

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