Multifunction Wireless Charger Pad Stand Speaker TF RGB Night Light

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Color: White with US Plug

White with US Plug
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• Fast Charging: Charge your devices quickly with a maximum output power of 10W.


• Multifunctional: This charger pad stand speaker TF RGB night light also has a built-in speaker for your convenience.


• Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of devices including iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei.


• Clarm Feature: The charger pad stand speaker TF RGB night light comes with a Clarm feature that indicates when your device is charging.


*It works for ALL Phones that support wireless charging !!! and Comes with a 20W USB Charger!!!

Built-in Battery version: When using the speaker function, do not need to be charging all the time, and playtime is about 2-5hours.


Compared to other imitations, our original Upgraded to have the following advantages:

1.15W max wireless charging;others only 10W max.

2. Wake up light

3. Musical rhythm

4. for Apple Bluetooth automatic time synchronization function

5. Built-in Microphone, support handsfree to call; Bluetooth call function

6. Our Patented genuine product: The battery has a protective plate, which protects against overcharging, discharging, and overcurrent. Other Infringement products: The battery does not have a protective plate, and if discharged excessively, it cannot be turned on. Overcharged batteries are prone to bulging, which can cause significant safety hazards even if they catch fire


Function description: 15W Fast wireless charging, atmosphere lamp, bedside lamp, dazzling light effect, Bluetooth audio, handsfree to call; Wake up light; Musical rhythm; speaker play and Aux, TF, Time, for Apple Bluetooth automatic time synchronization function; Alarm Clock mode.



1. wireless output: 5w-7. 5w-10w-15w (Max)

2. Bluetooth audio power: 5W

3. Lighting mode: 9 modes light

4.Bluetooth Version : 5.0

5. Transmission distance: 5-10mm

6. Net weight: 250g(Upgrade to Mini Size)

7. product size: 15*15*5.5cm (upgrade to mini size)

8. It has Bluetooth Speaker function, AUX, and TF Cardmodes, you can choose your favorite.

9. Please Charge all the time if you want to use the wireless charging function. The built-in battery only has enough support for Bluetooth speaker to play.


Package Included:

1* wireless charging

1* Type C Charging cable

1*User Manual




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