Math Stamp Roller Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division Practice Mathematical Operation Math Stamp Teaching Supplies

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Roller Digital Teaching Stamp Reusable Math Roller Stamp Roller 2 in 1 Digital Stamp Within 100 Math Practice Fill in The Blank

Digital Education Seal Roller: This mathematical roller seal is very convenient compared to writing each mathematical equation every time. Using a double-headed scroll wheel, you can rotate the numbers to obtain different combinations of equations to solve, print clearly, and do not fade.

Double-headed design: Add/multiply and subtract/divide on both sides, you can choose one or the other. This upgraded math practice stamp set comes with 2 math roller stamps and 2 bottles of ink

[Different Equation Combinations] You can rotate the knob of the scroll wheel to change the number to obtain different combinations. This math roller is suitable for student practice, parent guidance, teacher instruction, stationery, and school supplies.

Develop mathematical logic skills: Without parental help, your child can develop different mathematical equations and then solve them. Enjoy math and practice logical thinking skills. If you want something simple and interesting to help your child learn simple math, then this is a good choice.

Convenient replacement: This teaching seal set is filled in advance. When the ink is used up, the side of the roller seal can be filled with 5-8 drops. You need to wait a few minutes for the ink to absorb before using portable, space-saving, and convenient storage.



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