Little Princess Rotating Luminous Helicopter Doll Dancing Plane Gesture Induction Flying Toy Christmas Gift Holiday Gift

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Product name: Little Princess Induction Flying Toy
Material: ABS electronic components
Charging time: about 25 minutes
Play time: about 6-8 minutes
Size: 20*19cm
Product Type: Gesture Sensing
Product features: indoor and outdoor can play, crash-resistant and fall-resistant, barrier can be automatically power-off protection

Takeoff steps: 1 Press or turn on the power switch left and right (there is a switch at the lower end of the tail of the aircraft)

2 Turn on the switch and put the palm under the fuselage, hold the fuselage for about 3 seconds, and delay the start of takeoff time

3 After starting and taking off, you can't let go of the hand holding the fuselage immediately. You need to pause for about 3 seconds. The hand holding the fuselage is slowly letting go, and the plane will fly up by itself.

4 After the plane flies, when landing, you need to put your hand on the bottom of the plane to sense, the plane will rise again

5 When the plane is flying, it will stop flying when it collides with a wall or objects will fall. It needs to be shut down and restarted, and the plane will take off again.


Little Princess Induction Flying Toy * 1

USB charging cable * 1

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Note: Due to the version update, the color box packaging will be different, please take the final receipt as the standard!

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