Emergency Camping Hiking Tool 11 Sawtooth Outdoor Tools Hand Zipper Saw Garden Logging Survival Chain Saw Portable

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Blade Length: Black

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  • Small size, lightweight, high cutting efficiency, and easy to carry, It is a good tool for survival in the wild.

  • Can saw wood, plastic, bone, rubber, soft gold to other materials.


  • Hold the two handles with both hands, stretch the chain saw to make it tight, and move the saw body forward and backward briskly.

Product keeper:

  • Wipe dry with a rag after use and keep it dry.


  • Material: High-quality ferromanganese

  • Size: As the picture shows

  • Color: Blac Orange

  • Product packaging: Waterproof cloth bag + OPP bag

Package includes:

  • 1 x saw

  • 1 x Waterproof cloth bag

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