125/200/400MM Hand Sanding Block Hook Loop Dust Free Extraction Mesh Grinding Pad Abrasive Tools Used for Wood and Automobile

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Color: 70x400mm black

70x400mm black
70x198mm black
70x125mm black
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HIFESON 125/198/400mm Hand Sanding Block Dry Grinding Board Hand Abrasive Block 70mm Manual Sander Rectangular Vacuuming Repair


Package Included:

1pc x hand sanding block, come with air-valve, and an extra adaptor for use with bigger size hose



designed for sanding applications that use body fillers, putty, and primer.

The dust-free sanding block featuring the hook system will provide consistent results, over a wide variety of applications.

This dust-free Sanding Block also makes it easier to sand hard-to-reach, challenging areas. The design improves the efficiency of sanding by hand and reduces fatigue caused by continuous sanding.

This professional quality tool will also make it simple to change abrasives during a project.



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