4 Colors Hairline Concealer Pen Eyebrow Pen Hair Line Cover Stick Waterproof Refill Hair Dye Pencil 4 Colors Beard Dye Pen

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Color: Coffe

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Hair line Concealer Pens

Color: Black, Dark brown, Coffee, Gray-black, dear,when you received the parcel, the product color pls refer to this product link picture, the black-brown is the dark brown.
Net content: 1g


It is used to fill the hairline, fill your hairstyle, and cover your white hair.
It will fill your hairline naturally and be long-lasting.
Hair shadow fibers for hair root concealer, small and light with a powder puff, easy to carry and use. Suitable for all places and hair quality.
Easy application in less than a minute.
Fills in and Volumizes thinning hair.

When the hair is dry, open the product,, and lightly smear it on the hair to be dyed.


1. Twist off the cover and use a sponge head to rotate left and right inside the pen cover to dip in hairline powder
2. Gently apply  on the forehead and hairline
3. Apply a small amount of it and multiple times near the hair root, and use your fingers to faint, resulting in better results

This product is a real-time product, which may touch clothes or hats. Please pay more attention before use. if it spills on the skin or eyes, please wash it with plenty of water, and see a doctor in time if necessary. Place in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight!

Package Included:
1pcs hairline refill powder



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