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Color: Gray

Rose Red

Size: S

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Size Chart: Please refer to picture 6 to measure.
Size S: Fits waistline 68.5-81 cm / 27-32 inches
Size M: Fits waistline 76-86 cm / 30-34 inches
Size L: Fits waistline 81-96 cm / 32-38 inches
Size XL: Fits waistline 96-109 cm / 38-43 inches
Size XXL: Fits waistline 109-124 cm / 43-49 inches

Product Features:
💪 Protect your lower back: Our lifting belt protects your back and becomes an indispensable lifting accessory for any athlete, and for people who want to maintain their lower back at work and in everyday life. Our 6-inch nylon weightlifting belt features a Velcro strap for the perfect, secure fit.
💪 Perfect contour belt for stable support: our training belt has an ideal anatomical design that provides optimal support for the back and abdomen during any workout. The right weightlifting belt will give you the extra strength and support you need for bodybuilding, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, pulling, and squats. 
💪 100% tension adjustment and lower back protection: forget about Velcro straps that come undone at the most dangerous moment and leather belts with pre-punched holes that stretch when used. By purchasing our exercise belt, you can adjust the tension of the velcro strap to the desired level. Plus, you don't have to worry about it canceling out while you're at the bottom of the squat.
💪 Comfortable and light training belts: our training belt combines durability and lightness thanks to the high-quality fabric. The mesh top layer makes a men's gym belt very comfortable to wear and breathable. An ideal belt for Olympic or explosive exercises such as overhead squats, clean and jerks, push presses, power clean... even lunges
💪 Attentive service: If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time, our customer service will always be there. And your satisfaction is our greatest wish.

1. Brand: Bracefull
2. Product: 1pcs Weightlifting Belts
3. Size: S / M / L / XL / XXL
4. Material: Nylon, foam core
5. Color: Blue, Black, Rose Red, Gray
6. Application: Protect your lower back, provide stable support 


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