Felt planting bag, vegetable/flower/plant/mushroom growing bag thickened non-woven plant fabric flowerpot with handle.

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Size: 3Gallon

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About the product

1. Strong fabric material: Made of 300g thickened breathable non-woven fabric, non-toxic and harmless, environmentally friendly and BPA free.


2. Durable, reinforced handle: Nylon handle, X-stitched, better tension and no need to worry about tearing the handle means you can easily move the bag filled with soil and plants, whether you keep it indoors or outdoors.


3. Good drainage ability: Good air permeability and water drainage help prevent root alternation, provide enough room for root breathing, and effectively avoid root vortex, which drains water through the soil.


4. Higher quality: the folding and curling technology of the bag mouth strengthens the shape of the bag mouth and solves the deformation problem of the pocket; The bottom cordless locking processing, improves the load-bearing capacity of the long bag


Commodity specification

                Diameter x Height

1Gallon   18x15cm

2Gallon    20x20cm

3Gallon    25x22cm

5Gallon    30x25cm

7Gallon   35x30cm

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