Universal Car Exhaust Muffler Tip Round Stainless Steel Car Tail Rear Chrome Round Exhaust Pipe Tail Muffler Tip Pipe

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Product name: Car modification exhaust pipe

Material: stainless steel

Weight: 0.25KG

1.5-2.2 exhaust tailpipe shape: curved models use  

Universal tailpipe, suitable for the market exhaust diameter of 5.3-3.8 cm or less [except small] most models, you can choose according to the vehicle's exhaust pipe, the exhaust pipe is straight since the selection of straight models, is curved to choose the curved models can be.

Installation method: screw connection method, loosen the tailpipe screws on the tailpipe set in the tail of the car exhaust pipe at the right location and then tighten the screws with a wrench. Do-it-yourself in just 5 minutes can be easily completed! 

Warm tips                
1. The distance between the tailpipe and the bumper should be more than 2cm, so as not to burn the bumper with high-temperature exhaust gas.             
2. Please wear gloves when installing, in case of injury.  
3. In the car just stop or start, please do not install this product, so as not to be burned by the exhaust pipe.

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