1.7L Electric Rice Cooker Single Double Layer 220V Multi Cooker Non-Stick Smart Mechanical MultiCooker Steamed Rice Pot For Home

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Color: Double Layer Machine

Double Layer Machine
Single Layer Smart
Single Layer Machine
Double Layer Smart
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1. 1.7L rice cooker: suitable for 2-3 people.

2. Easy to operate electric rice cooker: It only takes two steps to cook, add rice and water, and then click Start.

3. Multi-functional rice cooker: it can be used for cooking, frying, porridge cooking, hot pot, etc

4. Nonstick pot: Nonstick pot technology and lining shall be adopted..

5. Comprehensive choices: there are smart and mechanical models, single layer and double layer models, with a wide range of choices.


Lining material: ceramic crystal lining

Rated power: 600W (W)

3C Certificate No.: 2018011001083919

Heating mode: chassis heating

Power: above 2000W

Packing List:

Rice cooker x 1

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