Compressed Air Duster for Computers Protable Cordless Air Blower Computer Cleaning with LED Light for PC Keyboard Crumbs Car

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• Cordless and Portable: No need to worry about cords or limited mobility. This duster is cordless and portable, making it easy to use anywhere.


• LED Light for Illumination: The built-in LED light provides ample illumination, making it easy to see and clean hard-to-reach areas.


• Compressed Air for Efficient Cleaning: The compressed air technology ensures efficient cleaning, removing dust and debris from hard-to-reach areas with ease.


• Compatible with Multiple Surfaces: This duster is compatible with a variety of surfaces, including computers, keyboards, and cars, making it a versatile cleaning tool.


Specifications :

Power: 68W

Motor speed: 51000rpm

Battery capacity: 6000mAh

Charging time: about 3H-5H

Use time: first gear: about 0.8H; second gear: about 0.5H,Third gear: about 0.3H

Material: ABS PP

Decibel: <80dB

Product size: about 16*10*6.5cm

Charging interface: Type-C interface

Charging current: 5V/2A


Package Includes:

1 x Air Duster

1 x USB Cable(Adapter not included)

5 x nozzles

1 x User Manual


PORTABLE BRUSHLESS AIR DUSTER Equipped with multiple sprinkler heads. suitable for multiple scenarios.

51000RPM / Three Gears Adjustable / one-click boot / 6000mAh / LED lighting design / Wireless design / Long endurance can be 30~40

minutes / 2.5A Fast charging

TYPE C FAST CHARGING CABLE: 10W Type C Fast Charging Port


Equipped with a variety of blowpipes to help clean in different scenarios, including car seat gaps, window edges, etc.

COMPUTER CASE DUST REMOVAL : Clean up the dust inside your computer to avoid crashes and slowdowns

CLEAN UP THE GAP: Quickly clean up the gap, cleaning becomes easy


HOUSEHOLD CLEANING: Clean all kinds of crevices dust hair

CLEAN PET HAIR Clean your pet's hair easily



【Deep Cleaning:】


The cordless air duster allows the maximum rotating speed to reach up to 51000 RPM. Its motor produce a powerful thrust of air at almost 10 level strong gale (25m/s) for deep cleaning.


Long press for 3 seconds to start working long light, The Single machine switches gears after starting up, the single machine button works in second gear, again the single machine button works in three gears, and the single machine pauses for 3 seconds to shut down.



1. Dueto different displays and lighting effects, the actual color of the maybe

2. Due to manual measurement, please allow a little measurement deviation.

3. When turning on the phone, you must press and hold the switch for 5 seconds before it will work; When charging, you must use a 5V 2A charger.

4. If the device is not used for a long time, it is recommended to charge it every 3 months to avoid battery damage.

Thank you for understanding.



Q: How long can it be used for a long time?

A: Since the motor will generate heat when running at high speed, it is recommended to take a 15-minute break to cool down after every 10 minutes of operation.


Q: Can it be charged for a long time?

A: It is recommended that no one leave the battery during charging and disconnect it after 4-5 hours of charging to avoid damage to the battery.


Q: Can it be charged with a 1A charger?

A: It is recommended to use a 5V 2A charger for charging to avoid damage to the device.


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