1/2/3PCS Baseball Cap Hat Rack for Wall Cap Hanger Storage No Drilling Hat Display Organizer No Drilling Track Door Handle

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[Space-Saving Hat Organizer] can store and organize baseball caps over the door or on a wall. Just attach the hat hangers to the wall and you'll be ready to go in seconds, solves the problem of messy hat placement, and clutter-free space. Space-saving.


[Self-adhesive] No drilling is needed, which means no holes in your walls! Just attach the hat rack and start organizing.


[Multi-purpose] The hat organizers are suitable for many kinds of hats. It can not only be for caps but also great hanging for headphones, clothes, towels, scarves, keys, purses, kitchen utensils, and tissues...


[Installation steps] The double-sided facial mask used in cold weather is not as sticky as the facial mask used in hot weather. This is because a decrease in temperature can lead to a decrease in viscosity, which is a normal phenomenon. During the installation process, you can use a hair dryer to heat the film, then remove a layer of protective film and stick it to the hook. After removing the internal bubbles, remove another layer of protective film and stick it onto a clean, waterless, and dust-free ceramic tile. Heat and compact with a blower to remove any bubbles inside. Use after standing for 24-48 hours. This effect is the optimal waiting time. Otherwise, it will be unstable.


[Precautions] Our hat holders are suitable for most flat and clean surfaces, such as marble, stainless steel, tile, and glass. Do not use it on latex paint walls, lime walls, wallpaper walls, concrete walls, putty walls, planking, or rough wall surfaces.

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