Professional Tin Manual Can Opener Multifunctional Stainless Steel Beer Grip Opener Side Cut Cans Bottle Opener Kitchen Gadgets

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★ SUPERIOR QUALITY ★ Gearing and cutting discs are made from high-quality stainless steel – will achieve a perfect cut with almost no effort. It's really a fundamental tool for home kitchens, restaurants, camping, barbecue parties, and outdoor picnics.


★ EFFICIENT CAN OPENER ★ The razor-sharp blade ensures canned edges are not jagged when the lid is removed and it doesn't leave metal shavings in your foods after cutting. This item also features a pop-top bottle opener that is located on the top edge of the can opener.
★ DURABLE & SAFETY DESIGN ★ Large non-slip handle is designed with an ergonomic knob in sturdy shape for easy turning without hurting your fingers - will fit comfortably in your palm and allows you to cut everything safely and easily. Moreover, the hanging hole on each handle and on the top edge helps you more conveniently in storage.
★ EASY TO USE ★ Perfect assistive device for those who have an insufficient grip or lack of hand strength. You just simply turn the knob, then open all can sizes in just a few seconds.


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