EMS & RF Radio Frequency Body Slimming Machine Fat Burner Slim Shaping Device LED Light Therapy Lose Weight Cellulite Massager

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EMS & RF Radio Frequency Body Slimming Machine Fat Burner


1. Radio Frequency Beauty Shaping Slimming Instrument, a must-have handheld beautician at home, helps you manage your body at home and easily shape a beautiful figure.

2. Through EMS, RF radio frequency technology and medium and low-frequency interference waves, a variety of combined movements of muscle and fat layers can be realized, which can increase body metabolism, promote collagen production, sculpt and tighten the body shape, and make the skin smooth and firm.

3. Four skin care modes (EMS fitness mode/SLIM body shaping mode/RF radio frequency mode/SLIM+RF combination mode) meet the actual needs of different groups of people.

4. Massage the skin deeply, relieve muscle fatigue, tighten and lift the skin, burn fat, promote the skin to absorb nutrients, and shape a light body.

5. Use it for 10 minutes a day, and after 28 days of use, you can lose weight and shape while lying still, and prevent fat accumulation.


Material: ABS+304 stainless steel

Color: White

Rated voltage: 5V/1A

Battery type: 103048

Battery capacity: 1500mAh

Charging time: 2H

Product net weight: 305g

Charging voltage: 3.7V

Product size: 12.2*8.8*7.8cm


Packing List:

1* Host

1* USB Charging Cable

1* English User Manual

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