Mermaid Monofin Swim Fin for Kids Monofin Adjustable Mermaid Tails Swim Fins for Swimming with Flipper Diving Fins-Girls Boys

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Mermaid fins (for children aged 3-12)


This mermaid flipper is the best accessory designed to make children's swimming learning more interesting. In addition to increasing a child's confidence in the water, it also allows them to practice their body's fish-like swimming and rhythm


Product features and introduction:


1. Help children increase their confidence in water

Make children's swimming and water sports courses interesting and more willing to get close to water through interesting shapes


2. Quick on and off design

The quick on-and-off design makes the product safer to use in water


3. Help train the strength of leg muscles


When children use this product to practice fish like body and leg movements and balance, it also invisibly strengthens the strength of their leg muscles


Special precautions: Due to the attractiveness of the product to children and its excellent swimming progress, to avoid children easily swimming too far or reaching deep water areas when using this product, the use of this product must be supervised by adults or coaches with children's life-saving ability


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