Memory Foam Cotton Leg Pillow Thigh Leg Orthopedic Sciatica Pad Back Hip Body Joint Pain Relief Memory Foam Cotton Leg Pillow

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Material: Cotton

Color as shown

Size: as shown

Details: Heart-shaped concave surface fits the curvature of the leg, decompression

Downhill design, easier

Fitted leg heightened side wing design: fixed legs, not easy to slip off

The function of memory foam core:

Heat dissipation and ventilation: (The arrangement of the memory foam cells can dissipate heat and ventilate so that the temperature in the pillow can be evenly dispersed)

Personal decompression (slow rebound memory foam, fits the neck area to avoid muscle pressure)

If it feels soft to the touch (skin-friendly, soft, comfortable, and sleepy)

The zipper is smooth (easy to disassemble and wash, pulls smoothly, durable)

Pure white jacquard fabric (soft, breathable, comfortable, skin-friendly, easy to clean)


1. Soothing: Relieve local tension and promote blood circulation.

2. Portable and compact

3. Comfort: The memory foam on top of the elastic foam base provides higher comfort.

Material: vented memory foam



1. The pillow is formed by injecting latex into a machine mold. (There will be some small flaws when the pillow core falls from the machine mold, which will not affect the use at all.) Put on the pillow core cover, 100% perfect.


2. If you need pictures, please contact customer service before payment. If you have any questions after payment, you agree.



- Due to different monitors and lighting effects, the actual color may be slightly different from the image.

- Please allow 1-3cm deviation due to manual measurement. Subject to receipt of the actual item.


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