ROOXIN Baby Swim Ring Tube Inflatable Toy Swimming Ring Seat For Kid Child Swimming Circle Float Pool Beach Water Play Equipment

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Color: For 1-6 Age 5-30kg

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Product features:

Double handle, Environment-friendly plastic, high toughness, Soft and durable is made,Of high-quality rain grade material,not afraid of tearing.

Seamless edge sealing, With a bonding width of nearly one centimeter and seamless edge sealing, the safety has been greatly improved.

Crystal nozzle, Internal and external double anti-leakage design, Even if the external air nozzle is accidentally opened, it will only leak slowly


Name: Rooxin swimming seat

Material: 0.28mm environmental pvc

Suitable:children 1-6 years old (within 30kg)

Color: As shown

Packing: PE packaging

This product belongs to outdoor entertainment products, mainly use in swimming, beach floating bed, swimming pool, grass, home. It is also one of the children's favorite toys.

Swimming seat ring:

After inflation, the inner diameter is 10.6 inches and the outer diameter is 22.8 inches.

For: 1-6 years old (within 30kg)

Note: Due to manual measurement, please allow a deviation of around 0.6 inches. Thank you

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