ROOXIN Aircraft Swim Ring Tube Inflatable Toy Baby Swimming Ring Seat For Kid Swim Circle Float Swim Pool Water Play Equipment

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Color: For 1-6age 10-30kg

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The airplane rocket boat seat ring is very large and luxurious, with a newly upgraded elastic sponge at the bottom, making it soft and comfortable for babies to sit on.

Environment-friendly plastic, high toughness, Soft and durableIt is made, Of high-quality rain-grade material, not afraid of tearing.

Smooth inner ring without burrs, Does not harm the skin, and has Seamless edge sealing, With a bonding width of nearly one centimeter and seamless edge sealing, the safety has been greatly improved.

Crystal nozzle, Internal and external double anti-leakage design, Even if the external air nozzle is accidentally opened, it will only leak slowly.


Name: Rooxin swimming seat

Material: 0.28mm environmental pvc

Suitable: children 1-6 years old (within 30kg)

Color: As shown

Packing: PE packaging

Water gun rocket boat seat circle:

The front water gun design allows babies to freely skim water in the swimming pool, allowing them to experience the fun of playing with water at a deeper level.

Steering wheel rocket seat circle:

The front is equipped with a steering wheel, which babies can grip and increase their sense of security.


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