Air Filter For Xiaomi Mi 1/2/2S/2C/2H/3/3C/3H Air Purifier Filter Activated Carbon Hepa PM2.5 Filter Anti Bacteria Formaldehyd

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Color: Green

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Compatible model: For Xiaomi air purifier 1/2/2S/2C/2H/3/3H

Product features:

Blue version: Standard version, efficient dust removal, PM2.5

Green version: Efficient addition of formaldehyde, suitable for new home decoration

Purple version: Sterilization, disinfection, anti-mildew

Filter PM2.5, dust, pollen, allergies, bacterial, and formaldehyde removal.

Material: activated carbon and HEPA material

CADR values (purification efficiency): 398m,3 per h

Compatible model:For Xiaomi air purifier 1/2/2S/2C/2H/3/3H

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