50 ml Traditional African Hair Oil GROW YOUR HAIR FASTER LONGER IN 1 WEEK Helps To Stop Breakage Moisturise Promotes Hair Growth

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First of all, we need to tell you a fact: hair is the metabolite of body cells. 97% of its components are protein. Just like nails, it is only the metabolite of cells. It has no life. We don't need to produce hair. We just need to dredge hair follicles. Why hair loss, hair loss, is hair follicle blockage!
The hardening accumulation and arrangement of human protein forms hair. Human hair includes water at 17%, protein at 65%, more than 2000 kinds of DNA, and fat at 18%. The hair itself has no vitality
1. You have hair, but your hair follicles are blocked and your hair can't grow!
2. Why hair loss: The hair follicles are blocked and the hair can't continue to grow
The main reason for hair follicle blockage is the endocrine disorder, and the scalp oil secretion is very strong. Some microorganisms take this opportunity to infect and destroy the hair follicle, leading to the blockage of the hair follicle. They usually stay up as little as possible, do not eat spicy and irritant food, and reduce the secretion of scalp oil. If hair loss is serious, you can use certain drugs to promote hair growth.
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