70mai pro plus+ A500s CPL Filter or RC06 Rear camera CPL Filter For 70mai Pro lite D02 / D08 / 70mai lite2 CPL Filter

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Color Name: Rotating cpl or 3M

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for 70mai pro plus+A500s CPL Filter or RC06 Rear camera CPL Filter  For 70mai Pro lite


D02/D08 /lite2 A500s AccessorySet Static Sticker

Natural High quality thin optical Glass, Diameter, Polarizing coefficient 99.9%.
Reduce the reflection from shiny surfaces such as Dashboard reflection, Water surface, Glass, and Road glare. but also letting the natural color come through.
Some of the light coming from the sky is also polarized to give a more dramatic sky & higher contrast clouds, rendering outdoor scenes with crisper & deeper colors.
About Warranty: Due to the item being made in Glass and easy to break during shipping, we request buyer contact us within 3 days after you sign. (From the sign date on the website) Over 3 days, we DO NOT take any responsibility.

Circular Polarizer Glass
Reduces Glare
Improves Video Quality
Easy to Install


Material: high quality aluminum alloy mirror ring
Eliminate reflective CPL
Material: Optical glass
Applicable models: A500/A500S

Applicable models: RC06 CPL Filter Rear Camera


Upgraded 360° Rotary filter


Compatible model number:


For 70mai pro plus+A500s /A500 CPL Filter


For 70mai A800s /800 CPL Filter


For 70mai pro CPL Filter


For 70mai Dash Cam Pro Midrive D08/Midrive D02 D02/ Midrive D05 CPL Filter


For 70mai Dash Cam Lite 2 CPL Filter



Note: No includes cameras


An optional CPL(Cirular polarizing lens)can be used to reduce

reflections and glare that might otherwise foul up your image quality.(Optional)





















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